Selecting the best brand name for your startup

The entrepreneurial bug has bitten me again. Just started work on an Education startup that will be working on an interesting mobile App (more on this later – watch this space).

While we work on the features, coding and marketing, there is a stage we have to cross – the brand name. Even if all names would smell as sweet, having the right name can mean a lot. The sweet taste of success aided by the right name would mean a lot.



This is my short checklist of what the business name should (and shouldnt) be

  • easy to remember
  • short
  • easy to spell
  • no unusual spellings (flickr also owns
  • coool (and hopefully not outdated like most fashion in a year)
  • relevant for business
  • try two words if one isnt available
  • try a word variation
  • try a phrase
  • try something that rhymes
  • look up suffix and prefixes
  • get inspired by word meanings
  • something we can protect (talk to a good trademark attorney)
  • a .com domain name should be available (do a quick whois search to eliminate some names)
  • use a thesaurus or a domain name suggestion tool if necessary
  • facebook and social media pages should be available
  • the meaning or pronunciation should be appropriate for all major customer segments
  • positive meaning (Remember Reebok’s Incubus?)
  • give you competitive advantage
  • not too narrow a niche
  • think AAA if alphabetical sort order will give more business

Happy gaming naming !

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