I believe that WordPress is the best platform to use to power your business website. These are some of my reasons:

1. Update your website yourself:
You can update a website powered by a CMS like WordPress by yourself. No programming or HTML skills needed. Since you can change the website text and pictures yourself, you don’t have to ask your web designer to make changes anymore. You also save on the recurring web designer fees.

2. Very easy to use:
If you know how to use any web based email, say Gmail, you can learn how to use WordPress to update your website easily. Guaranteed.

3. Update your website from a PC, tablet or mobile:
In addition to using a PC in office, I update my website from my iPad and BlackBerry from home. With Apps readily available for different devices, you can update your website while sipping on a cool beverage by the sea.

4. Tons of Themes, giving you flexible design options:
Chances are you will find a theme that looks exactly how you imagine your website to be. Many free and paid options to choose from. You can also hire programmers to tweak the web design to your taste.

5. Launch responsive websites with ease:
With the usage of smart phones increasing, its critical that your website adapts to a smaller screen, without disrupting its usability. WordPress makes this easy.

6. Extend functionality:
Plugins are what you plug-in to the base version of your WordPress website to extend its functionality. Toppings to make your Pizza match your taste. Plugins offer powerful SEO, contact forms, XML sitemaps, a photo slider, share on Facebook and Twitter, etc. Do get the right WordPress website consultant to advise you, or spend hours researching to get this right.

7. Scalable Website:
WordPress can handle a small website with just 5 pages, and a larger complex website with 10,000 pages. What’s more, for large communities, media houses or large businesses, you can also authorize additional Writers or Editors who can add or modify new content on a portion of your website.

8. In-built tools for SEO:
WordPress has very good SEO plugins, making it easier for you to optimize your website for Search Engines. You can add Title, Description and Keywords without having to learn HTML.

9. Open Source:
WordPress is open source, which means the software can be freely used, modified and shared by you. The code has been written by hundreds of people around the world. You can use it to run the website of your non-profit, and the website of your global business empire.

10. Popularity:
Over 60 million websites in the world use WordPress. Don’t take my word for it – read this article from Forbes. If this doesn’t convince you, nothing will.