The Sankhli / Sanquelim village depended on mining for bulk of their livelihood. Mining has stopped. The village has lost a decade in a few years. Most people are without stable jobs. Getting appropriate jobs with the skills they have is tough. Skill development initiatives are on.

Met 20-30 women who are a part of local self help groups (SHG) along with a delegation and in presence of their local elected representative. Many women are involved in preparing and packaging local food. Some supply food to the local schools under the mid day meal scheme. Others do some type of tailoring. People are available to undertake low skilled work.

One woman sells to a government distribution scheme which gives wafer thin margins and a take it or leave it policy. Another can make a 100 packets of quality snack (namkeen / chiklis) but can manage to sell only 20%. Another can produce organic rice but sells it at the same price as regular white rice in the local market.

Access to market, and marketing is tough when the local market has collapsed and the only market nearby is beyond reach for a product that is not differentiated.

What would you do to make a difference ?