Facebook for HotelsIf you own or run a hotel, B&B or Inn, you absolutely must have design and setup a Hotel Facebook page. Setting up the Facebook page is quick, easy and free.

That was the easy part. Now, lets move to the details.

Quality Service:
As with any social media marketing strategy for hotels, you have to first get the basics right – great service. Only then will you be successful in using the power of social media positively, instead of being drowned in complaints.

Only after you get the above step right, move to the rest of the steps.

Use high quality photos: 
A picture speaks a thousand words. Make sure you use high quality profile, cover photos. Its a good idea to have a powerful picture to accompany each and every post. A picture that tells a story, and evokes the target response. If you have a resort for couples only, showcase love in a million ways. If you have a cosy B&B, show warmth and service with a smile. For Facebook, you cannot have only professional serious photographs. Candid photos. Photos of guests. Photos of staff. Get a custom graphics design service to compliment your Facebook posts, website or blog. The custom graphics used by our website are designed to make each page more attractive, and don’t cost too much.

Build a Brand around a community, or simply Sell Rooms ?
While some hotels want to use Facebook for bookings, most hotels prefer to use Facebook for brand building and engagement with customers. Don’t just sell sell sell. Use this to develop a community. Tell your fans about your destination. some upcoming local event. A beach clean-up drive. A recipe. Behind the scenes. Preparations for an upcoming event. Tell us stories.

Special offer for Facebook fans
You can give a Facebook only offer to your guests. For everyone who is a fan, you can offer a free wifi coupon, maybe a restaurant discount coupon, a complimentary drink, or maybe even a complimentary room upgrade.

Engage with Visitors
Invite visitors to post photos from their vacation. Get them to click, like, share. Add their experiences. Reply to their questions. Honestly solve any complaints. Don’t use Facebook like the erstwhile brochure or website that is only for one-way communication. Make it interactive. The more the interaction or engagement, the better the long term results for your business.

Use Facebook for marketing – it’s perfect for Hotels, if you use it wisely.