Armed with iPads and Notebooks, hotel guests are hooked on to their own devices more than those provided by Hotels. No, its not a fall out of NSA spying on your data and WikiLeaks. Its evolution – Most people now carry their Televisions and Entertainment systems in their pockets.

With phone sizes shrinking, Internet speeds increasing, and streaming of Videos via YouTube, Hulu, Netflix and others only increasing, more and more guests now carry their entertainment systems with them. Such customers are less dependent on the Hotel television and Video on Demand systems. An explosion in the number of games and Apps available has meant people are addicted to devices while eating at home, and while travelling to Hotels.

Hotels need to spruce up their Internet speeds with packages for higher bandwidth consumption, and possibly charge their customers based on their bandwidth usage. Smarter Hotels would give a certain Bandwidth free, enough to check critical emails and some browsing or social networks free, and charge customers who want to download or stream movies, apps, games, and OS upgrades.