Using Google Apps for Business

I love recommending Google Apps to my clients. It is one of the few services that I trust.

Guaranteed Uptime of Google Apps

I know Google Apps will be available as per its 99.9% guaranteed uptime pledge. Additionally, it has 0% planned downtime because of all the good work hundreds of Google Engineers at dozens of state of the art locations around the world put in. Check out some of the data centre photos. When I last checked, it had data centres in North America, South America, Europe and Asia. It has 24/7 support from Google, which is much better than any service to can get from any small business.

Custom Email, Large Inbox

Google Apps gives my clients Custom business email (@your company . com) with a whopping 30 GB of inbox storage.

Any Device Anywhere

Google Apps works seamlessly on a PC, tab or mobile device. I use it on Android and iOS without any interruption. The gmail app for Android even allows me to type in my emails when I am offline, and they are simply sent when I reconnect to the Internet. Its also compatible with Microsoft Outlook and other email clients, free of Ads.


Our customers love using Email, and Collaboration Tools. Creating Forms is very easy, and takes minutes. All responses are stored automatically in an accompanying spreadsheet. Calendars helps me and my team view my schedule without any unnecessary emails and calls. We can collaborate on the same spreadsheet and chat using hangouts while sitting in the same office or sitting in different time zones. I have created an outline of a proposal, boarded a flight, my team has worked on the proposal, and I have reviewed it on landing, made finishing touches to it, and sent it to the client.

Get Google Apps for your business. Its conveniently priced at a low per user per month fee.

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