Keywords are the words a potential customer types in the search box while searching for your product or service. Selecting the right keywords will get you more traffic. Detailed keyword research will help you understand your market better.

Its critical that you identify your customer, and think through of a range of keywords that the customer is likely to type while searching for you. Narrow down the list of keywords and stick that are important for your business.

Do the math to determine your click through ratio and conversion from that keyword to determine if the profit from the converted lead is worth the payment per click.

Do not waste resources on the most popular search terms – one and two word search strings. Instead, focus on three-word and onward search strings, and do some research to sniff out the long tail keywords. Then, target on a group of keywords.

Use different tools for researching keywords including Wordtracker, Google Adwords Keywords Tool and Google Trends. Decide the keywords to tackle the way you would tackle a business strategy, by evaluating your competitors.