Visited the wonderful Netravali Village as a part of the CII Goa Village Development Panel.

Dairy Cooperative

We met representatives of the village dairy co-operative heads. The meeting was co-ordinated by Cecil from CII and Parag Rangnekar from MFG. We also met the local MLA Subhash Phal Dessai, who has visited Anand in Gujarat to see the functioning of the Amul dairy.

The current problems of the local co-operatives seem to include having a well-trained dairy veterinary doctor, and experienced Artificial Insemination experts available. If both are available on site, more or less residential, it should help improve the milk production. Green fodder seems to be another issue that can be improved.

While the government and co-operatives chip in, industries can look at starting with a medical camp every quarter under their CSR activities. Industries dependent on milk production would already have access to the right resources, and can help in capacity building. Adopt milk producing clusters around the country. Provide high quality tech resources for a minimum period of 3-5 years.

Village Stay

Great initiative Aangan by Mineral Foundation Goa in the Verlem village, inside the Netravali sanctuary. 5 houses have come forward to build an additional room, giving the villages an additional source of income. Sustainable tourism with just a limited set of houses offering the experience, community driven in nature where tourists are allocated a home by rotation. Bookings are handled by a common reception, guides allocated by rotation. Great place to experience living in an authentic village, and be a part of the village community – celebrate festivals, see farming first hand.

Other villages should visit and replicate the model or improve upon it in their areas. Lets move tourism to the hinterland, and give many villages alternate sources of income.