Online Lead Generation

Our Online Lead Generation services are designed to help you generate business leads from the internet.

You Pay Per Lead – pay only for the leads generated. The payment is thus linked to performance. This Lead Generation model is quite different from a PPC campaign model where a service provider would get paid more depending on the number of people who click on the advertising. Here, we get paid more depending on the number of leads that we generate, and not on the number of people who visit your website, or see your advertisement, or number of web pages.

After a detailed brief from you, where you tell us about your products and services, competitors, and business objective, we independently research and then setup an online lead generation campaign on your behalf. The potential customers will reach our pages created especially to capture leads for your business. Every lead that is generated will be logged into our system, or sent to you by email. The online lead generation campaigns would a mix of online tools to ensure that you start getting business leads from the first week itself.