Mr. Vijay Hede, MD Pyramid Finance Ltd., past Chairman CII Goa, and founding Trustee of Panjim First handpicked books on popular science based on his research in public libraries in New York and London, and online. Books are from writers like Lisa Randall, Neil Degrasse Tyson, Lawrence Krauss, Sir Richard Dawkins, Sir Roger Penrose, Brian Greene, Michio Kaku, Carl Sagan, Stephen Hawkins, Walter Lewin and V.S. Ramachandran among others.

Mr. Kirit Maganlal, Chairman CII Goa Council and Trustee, Panaji First handed over the books to Mr Carlos Fernandes, Curator, Central Library. Also present were Trustees of Panaji First Mr Vijay Hede, Mr Dean Menezes and Mr Christopher Heredia. Others present were Mr Lalit Saraswat, and senior staff of Central Library, Panaji.

Please see the list of books below, and see if you can donate any of them or contribute to Panaji First. The books will be donated to public libraries across Goa.

List of Books:

Sr. No.     Title    Author    Year    Publisher
1    Relativity    Albert Einstein    2012     General Presss
2    The Smartest Kids In The World: And How They Got That Way    Amanda Ripley    2013     Simon & Schuster
3    The Billionaire’s Apprentice    Anita Raghavan    2013     Hachette Books
4    Business And Intellectual Property: Protect Your Idea    Anurag K. Agarwal    2013     Random House
5    Swaraj    Arvind Kejriwal    2012     Harper Collins
6    Better: A Surgeon’s Notes On Performance    Atul Gawande    2007     Penguin Books
7    Complications: Notes From The Life Of A Young Surgeon    Atul Gawande    2002     Penguin Books
8    The Checklist Manifesto: How To Get Things Right    Atul Gawande    2009     Penguin Books
9    Horrible Science: Evolve Or Die    Bhil Gates    1999     Scholastic
10    The Elegant Universe    Brian Greene     2000     Vintage Books
11    The Fabric Of The Cosmos     Brian Greene     2005     Penguin Books
12    Broca’s Brain    Carl Sagan    1986     Ballantine Books
13    Contact – Fiction    Carl Sagan    1997     Pocket Books
14    Cosmos    Carl Sagan    1985     Ballantine Books
15    COSMOS (DVD)    Carl Sagan         Gipsy Video
16    Pale Blue Dot    Carl Sagan    1997     Ballantine Books
17    The Demon Haunted World: Science As A Candle In The Dark    Carl Sagan         Ballantine Books
18    The Dragons of Eden    Carl Sagan    1986     Ballantine Books
19    Space Encyclopedia    Caroline Bingham    2010     Dorling Kindersley
20    Nature Encyclopedia    Caroline Binghan    2006     Dorling Kindersley
21    The Power Of Habit: Science Behind How We Form Habit    Charles Duhigg    2012     Random House
22    How Will You Measure Your Life?    Clayton M. Christensen    2012     Harper Collins
23    The (Honest) Truth About Dishonesty    Dan Ariely    2012     Harper Collins
24    The Upside Of Irrationality    Dan Ariely    2011     Harper Collins
25    Focus: The Hidden Driver Of Excellence    Daniel Goleman    2013     Bloomsbury
26    E=mc2: A Biography Of The World’s Most Famous Equation    David Bodanis    2000     Berkley Books
27    Mr. Bean    DVD         Universal
28    The ‘Everything’ Kids’ Easy Science Experiments Book    Elizabeth Mills    2010     Adams Media
29    The Silicon Eye – Microchip Swashbucklers & The Future of High-Tech Innovation    George Gilder    2006     Norton
30    100 First Prize Make-It-Yourself Science Fair Projects    Glen Vecchione         Goodwill Publishing House
31    India Grows At Night: A Liberal Case For A Strong State    Gurcharan Das    2013     Penguin Books
32    The Ascent Of Man    Jacob Bronowski    2011     BBC Books
33    India’s Tryst With Destiny    Jagdish Bhagwati & Arvind Panagariya    2012     Collins Business
34    The Double Helix: A Personal Account Of The Discovery Of The Structure Of DNA    James D. Watson    2001     Touchstone
35    Chaos : The Amazing Science Of The Unpredictable     James Gleick     1994     Vintage Books
36    Genius: Richard Feynman and Modern Physics    James Gleick     1994     Abacus
37    The information: A True History Of Ideas    James Gleick     2012     4th Estate
38    Deep Simplicity: Chaos, Complexity And The Emergence Of Life    John Gribbin    2005     Penguin Books
39    Erwin Schrodinger And The Quantum Revolution    John Gribbin    2012     Black Swan
40    In Search of Schrodinger’s Cat    John Gribbin    1985     Black Swan
41    The Universe – A Biography    John Gribbin         Penguin Books
42    The First 20 Hours: How To Learn Anything…Fast    Josh Kaufman    2013     Penguin Books
43    What Did You Ask At School Today?    Kamala K. Mukunda    2009     Harper Collins
44    See Inside Space    Katie Daynes         Usborne
45    Higgs Discovery: The Power Of Empty Space    Lisa Randall         Universal
46    Knocking On Heaven’s Door    Lisa Randall    2011     Harper Collins
47    Science Experiments (Little Giant Books)    Little Giant Books    1995     Sterling
48    I Am Malala: The Girl Who Stood Up For Education And Was Shot By The Taliban    Malala Yousafzai with Christina Lamb    2013     Weindenfeld & Nicolson
49    Magic Tree House: Secret Of The Pyramid    Mary Pope Osborne    1992     Red Fox
50    Gulp: The Adventrues On The Alimentary Canal    Mary Roach     2013     Oneworld
51    Packing For Mars: The Curious Science Of Life In Space     Mary Roach     2011     Oneworld
52    Genome: The Autobiography Of A Species In 23 Chapters    Matt Ridley    1999     Harper Collins
53    The Rational Optimist: How Properity Evolves    Matt Ridley    2010     Harper Collins
54    Beyond Einstein     Michio Kaku    1995     Anchor Books
55    Hyperspace     Michio Kaku    1995     Oxford University Press
56    Parallel Worlds    Michio Kaku    2006     Penguin Books
57    Physics Of The Future     Michio Kaku    2012     Pelican Books
58    Physics Of The Impossible    Michio Kaku    2009     Penguin Books
59    Dalit Millionaires    Milind Khadekar    2013     Portfolio Penguin
60    Leading From The Top    N. Balasubramanian    2013     Random House
61    COSMOS    Neil Degrasse Tyson    2013     Ballantine Books
62    Horrible Science: Chemical Chaos    Nick Arnold    1997     Scholastic
63    Horrible Science: Deadly Diseases    Nick Arnold    2000     Scholastic
64    Horrible Science: Fatal Forces    Nick Arnold    1997     Scholastic
65    Horrible Science: Measly Medicine    Nick Arnold    2006     Scholastic
66    Horrible Science: Shocking Electricity    Nick Arnold    2000     Scholastic
67    Musicophilia    Oliver Sacks    2008     Picador
68    About Time: Einstein’s Unfinished Revolution    Paul Davies    1996     Penguin Books
69    God & The New Physics    Paul Davies    1990     Penguin Books
70    Success In English Teaching    Paul Davies    2010     Oxford University Press
71    An Appetite For Wonder: The Making of A Scientist    Richard Dawkins    2013     Bantam Books
72    River Out Of Eden    Richard Dawkins    1996     Phoenix
73    The Blind Watchmaker (extra copy?)    Richard Dawkins    1986     Penguin Books
74    The Extended Phenotype    Richard Dawkins    1982     Oxford University Press
75    The God Delusion    Richard Dawkins    2006     Black Swan
76    The Greatest Show On The Earth    Richard Dawkins    2009     Black Swan
77    The Magic Of Reality    Richard Dawkins    2011     Black Swan
78    The Selfish Gene    Richard Dawkins    1976     Oxford
79    Six Easy Pieces    Richard Feynman    1995     Penguin Books
80    The Meaning Of It All    Richard Feynman    2007     Penguin Books
81    The Pleasure Of Finding Things Out     Richard Feynman    2007     Penguin Books
82    The Pleasure Of Finding Things Out     Richard Feynman    2007     Penguin Books
83    What Do You Care What Other People Think    Richard Feynman    2008     Penguin Books
84    QED: The Strange Theory of Light and Matter    Richard P. Feynman    1990     Penguin Books
85    Animal Encyclopedia: Discover Our Planet’s Amazing Animals    Sally Morgan    2013     Parragon
86    The Disappearing Spoon    Sam Kean    2010     Back Bay Books
87    The Violinists Thumb: Amazing Effects Of DNA    Sam Kean    2012     Black Swan
88    The Violinists Thumb: Amazing Effects Of DNA    Sam Kean    2012     Black Swan
89    Awaken The Genius In Your Child    Shakuntala Devi    2013     Orient Paperbacks
90    Awaken The Maths Genius In Your Child    Shakuntala Devi    2014     Orient Paperbacks
91    More Puzzles to Puzzle You    Shakuntala Devi    2013     Orient Paperbacks
92    Puzzles to Puzzle You    Shakuntala Devi    2014     Orient Paperbacks
93    Super Memory: Ageless Memory in 12 Practical Lessons    Shakuntala Devi    2014     Orient Paperbacks
94    The Joy Of Numbers    Shakuntala Devi    2013     Orient Paperbacks
95    Why I Failed: Lesson From Leaders    Shweta Punj    2013     Random House
96    Why I Failed: Lesson From Leaders     Shweta Punj    2013     Random House
97    Big Bang    Simon Singh    2005     Harper Perennial
98    Fermat’s Last Theorem    Simon Singh    2002     Harper Perennial
99    The Code Book: The Secret History Of Codes And Code-Breaking    Simon Singh    1999     4th Estate
100    A Brief History Of Time     Stephen Hawking    1989     Bantam Books
101    A Briefer History Of Time     Stephen Hawking    2008     Bantam Books
102    George And The Big Bang    Stephen Hawking    2012     Random House
103    George’s Cosmic Treasure    Stephen Hawking    2001     Random House
104    George’s Secret Key To The Universe    Stephen Hawking    2008     Random House
105    My Brief History    Stephen Hawking    2013     Bantam Books
106    The Grand Design    Stephen Hawking    2011     Bantam Books
107    The Theory Of Everything    Stephen Hawking    2007     Jaico Publishers
108    Bomb: The Race To Build & Steal The World’s Most Dangerous Weapon    Steve Sheinkin    2012     Roaring Brook Press
109    Go Kiss The World    Subroto Bagchi    2008     Portfolio Penguin
110    MBA at 16: A Teenager’s Guide To The World Of Business    Subroto Bagchi    2012     Penguin Books
111    The Elephant Catchers: Key Lessons For Breakthrough Growth    Subroto Bagchi    2013     Hachette
112    The High-Performance Entrepreneur    Subroto Bagchi    2006     Portfolio Penguin
113    Horrible Histories: Incredible Incas    Terry Deary    2000     Scholastic
114    Horrible Histories: Savage Stone Age    Terry Deary    2011     Scholastic
115    Horrible Histories: The Frightful First World War    Terry Deary    1998     Scholastic
116    Fun With Maths    Terry O’Brien    2013     Rupa Publications
117    Particle Physics: A Graphic Guide    Tom Whynite & Oliver Pugh    2013     Icon Books
118    Phantoms In The Brain: Human Nature And Architecture Of Mind    V.S Ramchandran     2006     Harper Collins
119    Tell Tale Brain: Unlocking The Mysteries Of Human Nature    V.S Ramchandran     2012     Random House
120    For The Love of Physics: From The End Of The Rainbow To The Edge Of Time    Walter Lewin    2012     Free Press
121    Magic Tree House: Space    Will Osborne    2002     Random House
122    Money And Power: How Goldman Sachs Came To Rule The World    William D. Cohan    2012     Penguin Books
123    Mind Of God    Paul Davies
124    National Geographic Kids Almanac 2014             National Geographic
125    Tell Me Why? Answers To Hundreds Of Questions!        2013     Chancellor Press
126    The Story of Science    Joy Hakim
127    Inequality Re-Examined    Amartya Sen    1999     Oxford University Press
128    The Emperor’s New Mind    Roger Penrose    1999     Oxford University Press
129    The 5th Miracle” The Search For The Origin And Meaning Of Life    Paul Davies    1999     Simon & Schuster
130    Einstein’s Dreams    Alan Lightman    2012     Corsair

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