Reputation Management using Review Websites and Word Clouds

Word Clouds are great way to quickly judge customer reviews sentiment. At a glance, you can get a feel of the important points of positive and negative feedback being given by customers.

Take the text of the last ten (or whatever) reviews.

Clean up words before you run the word cloud generator
Positive reviews will have the words “I will recommend this hotel to my friends” and negative reviews will have “I will never recommend this hotel to my friends”. If you don’t clean up the words, the word cloud will show the word recommend with a frequency of 2, which is incorrect. So it’s important to change the second instance to “never-recommend”

Use meanings
If different words are used to represent the same idea, then some people prefer to replace the words with their closest meaning, and do it consistently for the entire text. “The room was small”, and “Tiny rooms” will give you the results of “small” being used once, and “tiny” once. In reality, the intent of both reviews is the same, and the word “small” should be shown twice. However, indiscriminate usage of meanings may defeat the purpose of using a word cloud, which is to give you actual customer sentiment.

Number of reviews
The greater the number of reviews, the more accurate the word cloud.

Now, analyse the results. The more prominent a word, the more important it is for your customers. This is an actionable insight that can be delivered by us.