Its fun to learn Science by breaking and making toys. Not only do you learn the underlying science in a fun and unforgettable way, you also learn application of the Science concept.

For the 3rd time, our Rotary club of Dabolim organised the Science is Fun exhibition. The brief given to children was “Working” science models, made largely using trash – Toys from Trash. Previous exhibitions ably conducted by our Rotary Club of Dabolim Goa family, led by presidents Dinesh Heda, Avez Mohidin, Dr Shubhangi Lotlikar, Amit Tapadia and Charuta Mehta. Awesome support by all the club Rotarians and their families. This event was also supported by Rotaract club of Vasco da gama and Rotary Club of vasco da gama. The host school Regina Mundi High school has been generously allowing us to have the event in their hall free of charge, and tolerated our enthusiastic noise (and some littering) during the exhibition.

Over 30 projects were displayed. Enthusiastic judges Mr Vijay Hede, Dr D K Mohanty and Ms. Karuna Sharma helped identify some innovative projects:

  • a hydraulic excavator made using used syringes, tubes, water, and a spoon
  • a vibrating robot built using a discarded mobile phone vibrator, batteries, a toothbrush
  • electricity generation using potatoes
  • electricity generation using a hand cranked dynamo
  • a car made with cardboard and bottle caps, with an inflated balloon propulsion system