You can use Instagram to share mobile photos and videos with people. Whats more, you can quickly apply a filter to transform the look and feel of an amateur photo to look professional before you post. Instagram was snapped up by Facebook for $1 billion in its quest for mobile photo sharing. If you have been reading these insights on Sancoale Technologies, you know we also feel strongly that more users will use mobile devices than PCs.

You can use Instagram on your iPhone or Android device – its free. This is how you can use Instagram for hotels:

Showcase amenities

Show photos of your spa, your pool, the rooms and suites, the beach, anything that looks good with the awesome filters that instagram provides. Add a caption. Introduce new amenities. Pull out classy pictures of older ones.

Show guests enjoying their stay

People need validation before deciding. The best ambassadors of any product or service are the happy (or unhappy) customers. The more, the merrier.  With permission, show guests having fun. In the restaurant. In events. In the lobby. A celebrity.


Show what happens backstage. The quality control. The team behind the smiles. The chef. The front office manager. The awards won. This adds a personal touch to the marketing.


Talk about the events you plan to have. The new year party. A conference. A CSR event your staff participated in. A wedding.

Local Coverage

Let your location pictures do the talking. The beach. The shopping. The view from the mountains. Friendly locals. The oldest museum.

Your USP

If you have an award winning restaurant, lots of photos of the menu and the ambiance. If you have a classy spa, lots of photos of the different treatments.

So, whats stopping you from adding Instagram to the Social Media marketing strategy ?