Using customer feedback to improve your business is a great way to grow. Using online surveys is a great way to gather structured feedback from customers. All the examples given below are easy, and take less than a few minutes to setup.

Using Google Drive

Use Google Drive to quickly create a simple form. Its free, can be setup in a few minutes. All responses go into an online spreadsheet. Its great for setting up a simple form.

Using Survey Monkey

Easy to use, has free and paid versions. Survey Monkey is easily the most powerful survey method among those listed on this page. Its reporting is far more powerful for the pros as its specialized for Surveys. You can brand the surveys to look and feel like your website. The survey can also be easily embedded in your WordPress website.

Using Facebook

You can use your Facebook timeline to ask a question, and let your friends / fans give their preferences. You can also embed the Facebook Comments Box into your website. Customers will be able to post comments on your website (while logged in to their Facebook accounts). Whats more, these comments will also be displayed in their news feed.

Getting the technology right is the easy first step. Lets move to framing the right mix of questions to meet your strategic objectives. Implementing the feedback, getting your customers to fill out the form, and taking action that improves your business is the real winner.