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CEO Social Media Agency

CEO Social Media Agency

Managing the Social Media presence of CEOs effectively while maintaining privacy


Celeb CEO and sportspeople are already super talented at what they do – running their business, or playing sports. Building a valuable Social Media profile is usually a critical need, but difficult to achieve without being super talented digitally. Additionally, while celebs have greater power, with that greater power comes greater responsibility – everyone is just one tweet away from a social disaster and losing lucrative contracts.


Sancoale Technologies comes in with a deep understanding of social media and the celebrity psyche, and delivers a consistent service discreetly. Our team has the experience to plan and post strategic content specifically for the fanbase of the celeb with a long term goal in mind. We are experts in creating a powerful voice on social media, and offer you a dependable service to help you increase and maximise your audience. You can use this audience for marketing your products or services, and to propagate your views. What’s more, you can depend on us to keep it completely discreet.

We help you with

  • Content Creation
  • Managing your Twitter account
  • Engage more with your fans
  • Grow your audience
  • Get more work


  • Designed for your target audience
  • Timely consistent content
  • Establish you as thought leader
  • All managed discreetly in your style as if it were from you