Many governments do not listen to their citizens. Many people in relationships do not listen to their partners. Many businesses do not listen to their customers. Can your business be any different ? 

Asking your customer feedback on your existing products and services is usually a great way to make improvements. After all, they are the people trying to buy your product (your objective), and use it everyday. Stepping into your customer’s shoes cant get more realistic than this one..

If you can implement a system to gather actionable feedback from your customers, they can add immense value to your business.

Gather Feedback

Remember to make it easy for the customer to give you feedback – publish your contact phone, email, website, social media account details at customer touch points – on websites, emails, behind the cash counter, everywhere. Take unstructured feedback, or give our feedback forms, use online surveys, and make customers fill out the (simple) form.

Take Action

After you have received feedback, acknowledge receipt and do take action on it. Even if its negative. Especially if its negative. Respond to the customer thanking him / her for the valuable feedback. If you can inform the customer of the status of action on the feedback, you will have one more ambassador batting for your company.

Feedback from Employees

I guess you should treat all employees in touch with customers in the same manner, encouraging their feedback. The quantity and quality of feedback from employees would depend on the receptiveness of the management (or immediate superior) to the feedback. Since they are the ones delivering the customer experience, they are the ones who know what isn’t working, or what would work best. There are countless cases of employees with brilliant ideas and suggestions – who shut up because of the attitude of the management, and fear of failure.

Encourage your customers and employees to speak up, gather the feedback and take action – it could just lead you to your next gold mine.