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Sancoale Technologies is a branding and marketing company in the Digital world.
We help our clients build their brands, generate more leads and grow their business.

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About Sancoale Technologies

We go the extra mile to help our clients win.

  • Can add significant strategic value to build your online brand
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Lalit Saraswat
Lalit SaraswatCEO
Lalit is a Serial Entrepreneur, active Rotarian and an elected member of the CII Goa council.

We invest significantly in efforts Beyond Business, at both the non-profit and industry association level.


To be honest I had some doubts in the beginning, is this would work as Goa is quite far away from Germany. However Sancoale Technologies are proving every day that in our today’s global markets geographical distance is not a problem anymore.
In one world I am totally convinced! Most recommendable professional company, offering superior services at a moderate price, you will not regret it.
Heinrich Hess, Munich, Germany
Sancoale is reliable company that provide professional assistance efficiently, competently and at a very good value for money cost, we would have no hesitation to recommend Sancoale.
Olivier Robinet, Paris, France
Lalit does great work designing my website. He’s very easy to work with, has excellent communication skills, lots of wonderful ideas and even though we’re world apart we’ve been able to communicate and accomplish projects in a timely manor. He is friendly, experienced & devoted to getting job done, well. I receive many positive compliments of his work with my site & recommend him highly.
Sandi Jacobs, California, USA
Lalit is gifted communicator and very supportive entrepreneur – he makes abstract concepts so clear and structures the work so well, that i can understand my own requirements to my website better after he’s through with it. and his patience… But see for yourself at Sancoale Technologies!
Rita Booker, Germany
Lalit is great communicator and is always consummate professional. Being on the other side of the world has never been as issue. In fact, it is a great advantage because he is able to turn revisions around overnight ( my night / his day). He and his team have worked on three of my websites and i have no hesitation in recommending their very capable talents.
Steve Zikman, California, USA
After talking to Lalit I felt very comfortable giving him the first project, more will follow.. What I especially like is great discussions, quick responses, great communication skills and focus to get the job done. One can easily tell, he enjoys what he is doing and he has all the expertise to make our project a success.
Winfried Viebahn, Canada
CKIM Group Inc. is very impressed with the efficiency, pricing and quality of Lalit’s work. He maintains constant contact with us during the development of various websites, makes all changes very promptly and offers solutions. We do not hesitate to recommend Lalit’s work.
Christopher Patrick, Florida, USA
Lalit’s websites get the job done. Many of the women I was hoping to attract wrote to me to compliment me on the design. They loved it, so did I. he knew exactly what I needed and got it done promptly. I look forward to working with him again on future sites.
Ellen Schultz, New York, USA
Wendy and I have appreciated the help and assistance in setting up and maintaining and improving our website. The service has always been excellent and your team have been a pleasure to work with.
Lillian, London, UK