We invest significant resources in not-for-profit activities. We are uniquely positioned to offer you non-profit website design powered by a robust Content Management System (CMS) (WordPress), at a not-for-profit fee.

Your website is powered by a CMS, which means you can make text and photo changes 24×7 yourself. With our Basic website, you can showcase
  • Home page with latest projects
  • Club Activities / Projects
  • Club Members / Presidents Message
  • Contact Information / Form
  • Linked to your Facebook page
  • Photo Gallery
  • Contact Information
  • Search Form
Our Basic offer is simple, and comes with no hidden costs.
  1. Domain Name and 1 GB Web Hosting
  2. Web Design (Standard Design)
  3. Content Management System (CMS) setup
  4. CMS Initial Structure with sample content
  5. Help Manuals to assist data entry
Fees for not-for-profits:
  1. One Time Fees: USD 250
  2. Annual Fees: USD 60 (Covers Domain Name, Web Hosting)
  3. Customization / Additional Features: If needed. Pricing is a function of time spent, and thus to be discussed.
Pre-Approved list of Not-For-Profits eligible for above rates:
  • Rotary Clubs Website Design
  • Rotary Districts Website Design

(Rotary is a trademark owned by Rotary International)

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